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Creativity has played an important role in my life for as long as I can remember. For 50 years it has taken me on a wonderful and fulfilling journey with experience in graphic design, advertising, printing and photography. Now I can add pastels and oil painting to the list.


Creating a painting is much like watching a photo develop in the darkroom. It is magical to see and feel a painting come to life. I am convinced that fine art comes from your heart and soul and is a true expression of who you are. Generally I would describe my paintings as Impressionist with influences of Alfred Sisley, Trevor Chamberlain and William Merritt Chase.


My fine art photographs exhibit a different side of me: bold, powerful and graphic with brilliant color motifs. I teach a course entitled FOTO.101~Introduction to Digital Photography at the Art Gallery of Viera. Click on the link to FOTO.101 here in my website to learn more.

I like to challenge myself with a wide variety of subject matter and I hope my efforts bring some introspection and joy to others who share my love of the interplay of design and color. My ultimate goal is to create a painting or photograph that speaks to a person's heart and evokes a positive emotional response.


I am currently in the process of marketing an environmental education strategy game called the Wetlands Game. This is a full class participation board game intended for middle school students. In addition, I am adapting this concept to create "The Indian River Lagoon Game", which is currently in the research phase.


Click on the FOTO.101 link here in my website to learn about my photo classes for beginners. And now I am offering a course for intermediate to advanced photo enthusiasts called FOTO.201. This course will be taught on location beginning in September 2018..

Contact me @ 321.431.5929

Photography Classes     

Photography Classes